Hauling Waste Off A Job Site With Dump Trailers? Pay Attention To These Things

As part of your work renovating interior spaces or doing construction on a new building, it's likely that you're going to generate a lot of trash and waste that needs to be removed from the site. Dump trailers can often be essential for this task; not only can you load them up easily, but because they are equipped with hydraulic components, they are also easy to empty. Using controls in the cab, the trailer can be dumped without having to lift it off the truck. Just be aware of the following.

You May Need to Keep a Charger Handy

As part of regular maintenance on your dump trailer, you might already be examining various components to ensure they function as they should when you have to load and dump. You may already know that the hydraulic components are battery-operated and charging batteries is something that you do before you use the machine. However, on various jobs you could end up using the trailer more than expected. To avoid delays and other work problems, you should keep a charger in the cab or nearby. It's also a smart idea to pick up additional batteries that can be charged and put in if necessary. 

You Need to Dump Slowly

When you reach the junkyard, recycling center, or other ultimate destination for the waste inside the truck, you're likely to be eager to dump everything and get on with your day. This may lead you to operate the controls too quickly, causing an abrupt rise that can make the contents of the trailer more dangerous to people outside and in the general area of your trailer. Not only that, but if the trailer bed is raised too fast, it's easy for you to raise it completely vertically. If that happens, its weight could tip the cab and the rest of the machine backwards so that it flips. That could cause injury for you and others.

Instead, take your time. Ask someone on staff or an employee to stand outside the trailer and notify you when the trailer's contents start to slide out. They can also warn you about how quickly you're operating the controls. If you need to lift the trailer bed higher, do so slowly.

With attention and care, dump trailers can make waste and trash removal easier. Ensure that all your workers are properly trained to work with these machines to avoid trouble on and off-site.