3 Reasons You May Need To Rent A Crane During Your Pool Installation

There is something so captivating to homeowners about having their own backyard oasis, which is why so many of them chose to have a pool installed on their property. Even though most homeowners will opt to have this professionally done, many will take the DIY route and do a lot of the pool installation work on their own. If this is you, it is helpful to know up front that there may be a few pieces of heavy construction equipment you need, such as bare rental cranes. Take a look at these three reasons why you may need to rent a crane during your backyard pool installation. 

You will need a crane if your backyard is enclosed. 

If you have a perimeter fence lining the area where your pool is planned to be installed, it is a good reason to hire a crane. Installing a pool can mean bringing in a great amount of materials and larger stature items. While you could take down a substantial section of the fence, it is more feasible to lift the items you need for your new pool over the fence instead, which is where a crane can prove to be incredibly valuable. 

You will need a crane if you invest in a one-piece inground pool shell. 

Some pool manufacturers have made it a little easier for homeowners to get the pool they want quickly by creating one-piece pool shells that are actually delivered in one large piece and situated on the property. This makes it easy to get the groundwork for the pool in place quickly, but this also means you will need a crane to maneuver the pool shell into place on your property. Even though whoever you order the shell from will likely deliver it, they may not always provide an included crane service to position the fixture for you. 

You will need a crane if your planned pool area is especially hard to access. 

If your property is not the most level place, it will be difficult to get everything that you need to create your pool into place. This is especially true if your planned pool area is at the top of a steep incline on your property or surrounded by a lot of trees. With a crane, you will be able to hoist items from one place to an otherwise hard to reach area without having to try to figure out another way.