Why You Should Buy Used Construction Equipment Instead Of New

It's important to your company to have reliable and working equipment in order to do your job properly. There may come a time when that equipment breaks down and no longer works or it might not be cost effective to fix it. Instead of buying new construction equipment which could set your projects' budget back too much, you should buy used equipment for your needs and here are a few reasons why.

Cost Savings

When you buy used construction equipment you are saving a lot of money right out of the gate. The cost of new parts might be a bit out of reach at the moment – especially if it's a slow season for your business -- and used can be just as reliable and sturdy as brand new. It will let you buy other parts as well or put funds into maintaining existing machinery or other parts of your business.

Faster to Receive

When you buy used construction parts it is likely you will receive them faster than if you buy brand new. The company you purchase them from will have them in stock, and you can either take them with you when you leave the business or they can be shipped to you almost immediately. New parts might need to be ordered from the manufacturer and sometimes there are delays in shipping or the store receiving the parts for their inventory.

More Choice of Parts

When you buy used from a reputable company, more often than not you will get a wider range of choice of brands for the part that you are looking for. There will be different models – both older and newer versions -- and in some cases, you might be able to find parts for your machinery that manufacturers have discontinued and you can no longer buy because that model is no longer in production. This means you can continue using your old, perfectly good equipment for longer.

Working Parts

Reputable companies always check the incoming parts they receive to ensure they are in good working order. This means, instead of buying brand new and not knowing if the part will actually work correctly or even fit your model, you get completely working parts that will fit your needs. They are usually ready to install right away, and for larger assemblies, they typically come already assembled so you don't have to take the time to do it yourself.