Ensure Used Forklifts Stay In Like-New Condition With This Five-Point Maintenance And Safety Checklist

Are you looking for forklifts—like used Yale forklifts—that are in like-new condition? When you make an investment for this equipment for your business, you want to maintain it to keep it in reliable operating condition. Make a policy for operators to do a daily maintenance and safety check to ensure your used forklift stays reliable. The following five-point daily inspection checklist will help you avoid problems when you purchase used forklifts for your business:

Check Tires and Brake Condition and Defects That Need to Be Addressed

The tires of forklifts get a lot of wear during a full workday, which is why they need to be inspected before every shift. If there are any defects on the tires, the condition should be reported to management. When inspecting the tires, it is also important to inspect the brake system for worn parts and leaks. If there are any tire or brake defects that have been reported, a record of the date repairs are done should be kept to ensure repairs have not been neglected.

Inspect Hydraulic Systems and Revise Fluid Levels of the Machine

One of the most important systems of your forklift is the hydraulic system. It is important that the hydraulic system is inspected for leaks and worn parts that need to be replaced. Keeping the hydraulic system's parts clean will also help to spot problems that need to be repaired. When the machine has a serious problem with the hydraulic system, it should not be operated again until the problem has been addressed.

Test Lights, Batteries, and the Electrical System to Ensure There Are No Wiring Problems

For the safety of your employees, it is important that the electrical systems, lights, and horn work properly. Operators need to inspect the electrical wiring, lighting, and horn to ensure these systems are working correctly. If there is a problem with the electrical wiring of the machine, it should be reported, and a record of repairs should be kept in the daily inspection log.

Inspect the Fuel Tank, Exhaust System, and Safety Labels That Should Be Clearly Marked

The fuel tanks of forklifts can be damaged, corrode, or have leaking connections or lines that can cause hazards. The tank should be inspected for signs of damage and replaced if it is defective. Keep a record of tank replacements and any other parts of the fuel system that are replaced as part of daily inspections and maintenance. When the fuel system and tanks are inspected, the operator needs to check that all the warning labels on the machine are clean and clearly marked.

Check the Safety Harness and Other Safety Systems to Ensure They Work Properly

Before operating the machine, it is important to check all the safety systems to ensure they are working properly. The safety harness should also work properly and be replaced if there are any defects.

This five-point daily inspection checklist will help keep your used equipment in like-new condition. If you need forklifts for your business and have a tight budget, contact a used forklift dealer to get the equipment you need at an affordable price.