The Convenience Of Investing In Construction Equipment Rentals

Access to the right equipment can better your construction company's chances of bidding on and accepting a wide variety of projects. However, when your company is relatively new or you want to safeguard your cash flow, you may prefer to avoid buying expensive machinery and tools outright. Rather than forgo them entirely, you can lease the equipment that you need for projects. You can take advantage of the benefits that come with construction equipment rentals.

Setup and Delivery

When you invest in contractors' equipment rentals of large machinery like overhead cranes or earthmovers, you may not have the means to haul them to your job site. You also might lack the skill and manpower to assemble them properly. 

The agency that you rent them from can arrange for delivery and setup as part of the price that you pay for your rental. It can deliver the equipment on your timeline so you can ensure a foreman is there to sign for them. You can also have them professionally assembled, setup, and tested for proper use before the rental agency leaves the job site.

Included Repairs

For the price that you pay for the rentals, you also typically get repairs and maintenance of the equipment included. You do not have to handle complex repairs on your own. In fact, the agency that you lease the machinery from may prefer that you avoid trying to make any repairs on your own and instead allow its repair technicians to fix the equipment for you.

You also do not have to pay for the repairs if they occurred because of a manufacturing defect or damage. However, if you or someone who works for you damaged the equipment, you might have to pay a deductible before the agency can make the repairs.


After you finish using the machinery, you can return it and have your deposit refunded to you. You do not have to pay on the equipment for longer than you use it. Your lease ends when you call the leasing agency and tell them that you no longer have any need for the machinery and tools. 

These are some of the advantages that come with investing in contractors' equipment rentals for your construction company. You avoid having to pay for equipment that you need for projects outright. Your construction equipment rentals also typically include costs for maintenance and repairs as well as equipment setup and delivery.