How To Tell When It Is Time To Replace The Hydraulic Hoses On Your Heavy Equipment

Hydraulic hoses used on heavy equipment are critical to the machine's function, and they will wear over time and require replacing. Knowing when to replace them is important, and waiting until they fail is not the best option. If you know what to look for, you can replace them before and avoid downtime that comes with hose failures.

Cracks And Scuffs

The hydraulic hoses used on heavy equipment are flexible to move with the machine as it is working. The hydraulic hoses may move hundreds of times a day, and over time, the movement can stress the hoses, allowing weak spots to develop in them. 

Inspecting the hoses regularly for any cracks or scuffs in the hose jacket is essential and can show you where the weak spots might develop. If one of the cracks is seeping hydraulic oil, you need to replace it because the hose is getting thin enough to allow oil to pass through under pressure. Eventually, that seeping will turn into a leak or may even fail or rupture when the operator is digging with the equipment.

Leaking Connectors

Most hydraulic hoses on construction or heavy equipment connect to steel lines that run along with the machine's chassis. The steel lines are connected to the hydraulic pump and are used on stationary parts of the machine because they offer better durability than flexible hoses. 

The connection between the steel line and the hydraulic hose can start to leak, and if the hose is still in good shape, the connection can be taken apart and cleaned then reinstalled. It is essential to carefully inspect the leak because the hose may leak where the fitting meets the rubber hose. In these cases, the only way to deal with the leak is to replace the hose with a new one. 

Buying Hoses

If you find leaking hydraulic hoses on your heavy machinery, you can contact the dealer for your equipment brand and order the hoses directly from them. You may have to wait a few days for the new hoses to arrive, but the hoses from the dealer will be direct replacements, so they often are easier to install.

If you need a new hose right away, you may want to find a hydraulic machine shop and have them make the hoses for you. Remove the hydraulic hoses that are leaking, take them to the machine shop, and the shop can duplicate them. It is a good idea to mark the lines so you know where they go when you are ready to install the new hoses, especially if you are replacing several lines at one time. 

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