Why You Should Hire A Crane With An Operator

Are you planning a project that will require crane operations? Hiring a crane saves money and reduces project costs by eliminating most crane ownership costs. These include the costs involved in buying, maintaining, repairing, and storing crane equipment.

You have two main options for crane hire—dry hire and wet hire. Dry hire is when you hire a crane only—how you operate and use the equipment is up to you. When you wet hire a crane, you hire equipment combined with an operator.

While you don't have to hire an operator along with the crane you're hiring, here are some reasons to use this service.

Use Competent Crane Operators

Operating a crane is a highly specialized job that requires trained and experienced staff to do it safely and correctly. Only persons who meet the certification requirements to become crane operators in their respective states should operate the equipment.

As suppliers of crane equipment, crane rental companies are one of the top employers of crane operators. They recruit only those operators that can operate crane equipment according to job site regulations and manufacturer's instructions.

As a result, you'll get a competent crane operator along with your equipment.

Reduce Your General Liability

When you hire crane equipment for a project you are performing on behalf of a client, you'll be held responsible for workplace mishaps or accidents.

Cranes are large pieces of equipment that can lead to accidents and injuries if not operated well. When a crane accident happens on your work site, you may be liable for property damage and injuries to workers and others.

Hiring your crane with an operator is a great way to protect your company against potential claims that it has caused bodily injuries and property damage.

Aside from the fact that your crane rental service provider will be held liable for the mistakes of their crane operators, the operators are fully aware of what they must do to avoid accidents in your workplace.

With crane rental, you only need to choose the equipment you need and wait for your service provider to deliver it to your work site on time and at a competitive price. At the end of the crane hire period, the service provider will arrange the pick-up of your crane equipment from your work site.

Feel free to contact a crane and operator rental service like Floyd Steel Erectors, Inc. to get a quote for your job.