How To Choose The Right Light Towers For Your Construction Site

If you need extra light on a construction site, then you can rent light towers. These machines give you additional light sources while you work; they illuminate dark areas and help you work outside of daylight hours.

To get the best results, you need to rent towers that match your site specifications and work needs. Read on to learn more about factors that affect your final product choice.

Construction Site Requirements

Light towers come in different sizes and have different light-producing capabilities. Ideally, you want to rent towers that give you just the right amount of light for your jobs.

For example, if you simply need to add a small light source in different areas of your project, then a portable or mobile tower is often a good solution. They give out enough light to work in limited areas, and you can also move them easily from place to place as your job progresses.

However, if you need to illuminate a large part of your site or all of it, then you might need a more powerful and taller tower with a higher wattage capacity. Taller towers with more powerful lights illuminate larger spaces more effectively. You might also need to rent multiple towers to get complete coverage over a larger site.

Power Supply Needs

Light towers are powered in different ways. You can plug some towers into a regular power supply. Others run on solar power, rechargeable batteries, diesel, or generators.

Before you choose which tower to rent, think about how your power options. For example, if you'll use a tower inside a building that still has a working power supply, then you don't need an external power source.

However, if your tower will sit in a more remote part of the site without a power source, then you might need a model that has batteries or a generator. If you won't need to use the lighting too much outside of daylight hours, then rechargeable solar battery models could do the job you need.

Additional Features

Light towers don't just give you a useful source of light. Some models also have extra features you might find useful.

For example, some towers that run on generators work as dual-capacity units. You can also use their generators to operate tools and other pieces of equipment while you work.

For more advice on how to choose the towers for your site, contact commercial construction light tower rental services.